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Intuition is the constant. She has always asked me to seek out places of retreat where I could surrender to silence. Without her I would not have survived my complicated life until now.

Left-handed, dyslexic. Post-war poverty. Mother dancer, discriminated against, beautiful, proud and talented. My father came back from the war young, but destroyed. For him, murder was an option. It has shaped our lives. Terribly torn.

But there was the forest, there were the flying creatures, the lianas, the ivy, the anemones, the moss and the streams. There were the salamanders and beetles. There were the trees on whose trunks you could spend the afternoon watching the life of the forest dwellers. And when you climb up to the treetops, to the thin, springy branches, then life is all right and you are part of the world.

I went on a journey. First to wintry Sweden. No light for months and freezing cold. Since I fell in love with the vastness. Then further into many countries and continents, half my life on the road. That’s when I fell in love with the fleeting.

Two children, a few fathers, many friends and always art. Acting, performance, production, film editing, building things, puppet theatre, writing, connecting, inventing, becoming a successful entrepreneur, extending and designing apartments. Doing theatre work with people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan and standing around alone somewhere in the steppe and saying aha, that’s what it’s like in the steppe.  Convincing drama students at the university in Dhaka of the power of truthfulness, making mobile theatres appear in the slums of Chittagong and the Roma villages in Romania: Every creative space is the beloved and everyone is the best.

I go for the margins of the world, for the beauty of poverty

The authentic space, which does not work without improvisation. Improvisation is intuition. Breathed and fleeting. No place remains as it is and so the moment of encounter is unique and unrepeatable. Fleeting and very precious.

In my life there is no time for long planning and preparations. It always happens now. Often it has to happen quickly and often the tools and means have to be found in passing. From this something like coincidence arises. The inner moment takes over its task by itself. She is strong, unwavering, confusing and already again in search of clarity.

This is how I trust my work and the miniatures. They are healing, confusing and murderous.

Julia Scarlett Lindig



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